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How did Coding Rehab begin?

We were started by Elyse Y. Robinson because she has read so many times that you should solve your own problems. She LOVES to research opportunities to take advantage of for free or cheap so that is how Coding Rehab was created.

Elyse has won:
💰 SAP training for SAP certifications
💰 Splunk official training for 4 certifications
💰 Sigao Studios training for Scrum/Product Owner
💰 Tech By Choice training for CISSP
💰 Blacks in Tech voucher for AWS exam
💰 WISP paid for exams and training
💰 scholarship to Practicum by Yandex
💰 ticket to Twilio SIGNAL 2020
💰 ticket to Open Data Science 2020
💰 11 exam vouchers from Microsoft
💰 1 exam voucher from Datastax
💰 1 exam voucher from Palo Alto Networks
💰 1 exam voucher from ServiceNow
💰 and the list goes on...

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📖 Testimonials 📖

This is what people are saying about Coding Rehab!

Testimonial #1
I really like your site! Once I navigate around some more I will post on for you! It was well worth the investment.
-Candice Jurick from a LinkedIn message

Testimonial #2
Signed up to attend the training and get my free voucher. 2 discounted vouchers and 1 free one since joining. I've already saved literally $400. 🥳

This has 100% been one of the BEST investments I've made in 2020. Don't play yaself-sign up!
-@cardiacandsoul from Twitter

Testimonial #3
I hope this email finds you well. I've enjoyed using the site so much!
-D. Batiste from an email

Testimonial #4
Cool! I just signed up and already used two codes- thanks so much!!
-Haskinselena from Elpha

Testimonial #5
The Coding Rehab daily look ups are becoming addictive. I want to try all of the programs.
-carlarjenkins from Twitter

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